Workout pants - Tep

Workout pants - Tep

Workout pants

If you looking for workout pants you have come to the right place we have an amazing range of workout pants hand-picked for you. The best thing about these pants are they extremely lightweight. Each pants weighs in at only 170grams

what materials are our workout pants made from

There are made from only the finest 100% soft rayon material that is hand-picked in Thailand

How much are our workout pants

The price range for our workout pants is $34,99 But we currently running a special now for $24.99 For a limited time only while stocks last.

where do we sell our workout pants?

All our pants are sold on your e-commerce website if you want to have a look at what items we sell just head over to the link 

Is our workout pants only for people who work out?

No pants are unique and can be used for everyday use daily outings, lounging, sleeping even to the mall when meeting family and friends. The beauty of it is that you get to choose how, where and when you want to wear them


where do we make our workout pants?

Every pant is handmade in Thailand under fair trade labor law. They are handmade materials and hand sewn.

why our workout pants are the best?

  1. The uniqueness of the pants is like no other you hardly find these types of pants around like in your local stores.
  2. We are a company that is mission-driven. We provide comfort with a cause how you may ask? For every pant sold the elephant pants donates a percentage of its profits so saving elephants.
  3. Our pants are diversified they can be used not only for one thing like workout out but a number of things which I think are amazing it makes you look awesome and feel comfortable at the same time.

Where are we located? 

Our business is registered in the USA and operates and ships only to the USA at this current time we are working on expanding abroad which is currently in the pipeline.


if I purchase workout pants how long will it take to get my items? 

Items are purchased on our online store at once you order your item its processed and shipped out within the next business day and take around 2-3 days to reach your door we use USP, USPS, DHL and DHL express for shipping our items so your tracking number should be updated the next day after ordering and this will be received to you via Email.

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