Yoga Harem Pants - TEP

Yoga Harem Pants - TEP

yoga harem pants

what are yoga harem pants?

Yoga harem pants beautfully designed pants and prints that have a smocked waist and a elastic ankel they are made from soft and gental fabric which is strechable and give you the ablity to move with easy. As our customers say it feels like you not wearing anything.

yoga harem pants

can i use this for my yoga class?

Yes they are perfect for yoga weather you doing it in a class or at home they will allow you to perform your postures with ease. If you wear these to your yoga class be prepared to be the center of attention as they pants are stunning!!

yoga harem pants

where are they made?

All of our pants are handmade in the heart of Thailand and are shipped and sold in the USA



is yoga harem pants only for yoga?

No, These pants are great for home use everyday lounging sleeping, wear them to the beach outings malls the options are unlimited you decided and wear them with confidence.

Yoga harem pants

what materials are used?

All our pants are made from only the best material in Thailand 100% soft rayon. Why rayon its stretch ability and lightweight make our pants simply amazing 

what's the price?

Our yoga harem pants usually sell for around $34.99 with shipping because of the material quality and warranty that we give our customers. But Right now for a limited time only we have them on discount for $24.99.

where can I buy them?

You can purchase the yoga harem pants on our online store just visit the website

how long will it take to get my item?

Our warehouse is based in USA and all items take 2-3 days to be delivered after the items are placed.

what are the sizes?

Below is a size guide you can have a look at it if you are still unsure just shoot us a email and our support agent will help you find the size that's perfect for you and having you looking beautiful in no time. support@theelephantz,com

Yoga harem pants

how our company gives back?

Our company donates a portion of its profits from every yoga harem pants sold we give a percentage of the profits to save elephants.

yoga harem pants

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