10 Ellie Gifs for Everyone trying to "Adult"

10 Ellie Gifs for Everyone trying to "Adult"

by Leanna Holguin on

1. When you're not sure your ready but everyone has to at some point

        (BBC Earth)


2. When you hear someone say "Free Food"



3. When you can't party like you use to



4. When you're trying to balance work, sleep, and a social life



5. When you're trying to live a balanced life and finally hit that yoga ball pose



6. When you want to run away from your responsibilities like



7. When you are proud to be self sufficient and independent... kinda


8. When you're not sure if you're doing it right but nothing is going to stop you



9. When you're convinced you're just a kid trying to pretend to be an adult



10. When you seem big and tough but you really just want a hug from your mom


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