10 Festival-Ready DIYs to Try

10 Festival-Ready DIYs to Try

by Mandie Williams on


Festival season, previously known simply as “summer,” is a magical time of year. Whether you’re into EDM or blue grass or metal or indie pop, there is an outdoor event to catch all your headliners in one place. Of course, festival style has become a dominating fashion trend in its own right, and designers who’ve definitely never set foot in an outdoor beer tent are turning out their own festival gear. The hottest trend for summer 2016 is looking like you just rolled out of a desert tour bus. And we are here to help with these 11 festival-ready DIY’s for an Instagram-worthy festival wardrobe that will leave plenty of money left over to actually buy tickets.


Breezy Friendship Bracelets

These are just as much fun to make as an adult as they were in middle school. They’re perfect for sharing with friends or mixing into your own bracelet stack, and so easy that you’ll want to make two or three in every color.


DIY Embellished Sunglasses

Going to a festival without a pair of sunnies is simply not an option, but no one wants to lose their favorite pair in a field. Dress up a cheap drugstore pair with rosettes and faux pearls for a look that’s a little boho, a little retro, and can get lost without making you cry.


Ombre Stacking Bracelets

Ombre hair: kind of tired. Ombre jewelry: very cool.

Knotted Tank

Yes, it is this easy. Lay an old tee out flat, cut according to the picture, and tie into a crop top. Your seventh grade summer camp tee shirt never looked cooler.

Braided Headband

Ok, so you just finished cutting up half your shirts into crop tops, and now you have a stack of fabric scraps. Slice them into ribbons, and braid them into this stretchy headband. It’s the perfect accessory for a messy bun.


Rainbow Dip-Dye Cutoffs

Don’t settle for just plain old cutoffs. Break out the bleach and tie dye for a one-of-a-kind pair that gets noticed in the crowd. This project gets messy, so we recommend inviting your friends over for a jorts party to share supplies and clean-up.


Cat Ear Headband

Ariana Grande wears cat ears and still looks hot as hell. You can too. The secret is rhinestones.


Tote Bag Backpack

When you’re stuck in a field all day, it’s always a good idea to pack your own essentials. Turn an old tote into a backpack for a much comfier way to schlep around your coconut water and iPhone charger.


No Sew Fringed Kimono

A gauzy kimono is the special sauce that turns a plain tank and jeans into an outfit. DIY your own with this quick and easy tutorial. Vintage silk and studs? Yes, please.


Flower Crown

No festival style roundup would be complete without at least one flower crown, and you’ll get extra festival cred for making your own. Follow these instructions with real or silk flowers, and don’t be afraid to really pack them on. When it comes to headgear, go big or go home.


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