10 Yogi Instagrams That You Should Be Following

10 Yogi Instagrams That You Should Be Following

by Jono Melamed on

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There isn’t enough praise for the positive effects of adding a yoga practice to your daily routine. The advent of social media has put the world’s top yogis at your fingertips, never before have we had such constant access to such good vibes! Many yogis on Instagram don't stop at yogi, often incorporating various aspects of physical and mental health into their practice in a fun and accessible fashion. It's a new world out there for the enlightened and we're all invited. 

If you aren’t following these yogis on Instagram then you seriously need to reevaluate your Instagram feed because you’re missing out.

Kerri Verna – @beachyogagirl

via @beachyogagirl


With 12 years of Yoga teaching experience, this wife and mother of two is a full-time fitness instructor.  Though yoga is her focus, Kerri is certified to teach multiple forms of fitness including Pilates, Kickboxing, and Tai Chi. She is located in Florida, but you can find her all over the world teaching workshops and hosting retreats. Kerri’s positive, motivating attitude go hand in hand with her envious beachside photos making it easy to see why she has amassed such a huge online following.


Honza & Claudine Lafond – @yogabeyond

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Honza & Claudine Lafond bring our relationship goals to a whole new level with their amazing blend of beautiful imagery and incredible AcroYoga.  Scanning through their gram will fill you with all kinds of in-awe moments but that’s the point.  You can really feel how this couple uses their relationship to challenge themselves and their practice.


Patrick Beach – @patrickbeach

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Patrick Beach travels the world teaching yoga with his partner Carling Harps.  He’s the kind of guy that you can tell has an unreal dedication to his practice, while making everything that he does look effortless.  In addition to teaching, Patrick has his own yoga clothing line. That being said, if impossible handstands and endless blue eyes are your thing, you need to check this guy out.


Rachel Brathen – @yoga_girl

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The most followed yogi Instagram in the world belongs to Rachel Brathen.  It’s chock full of authentic and genuine anecdotes, tons of beach yoga (sometimes on a paddle-board), and a pretty solid look into her Caribbean dream life with her hunky surfer husband and their adorable dog.  Top it off with a New York Times Best Selling book and Penny the baby goat it’s not difficult to see how Brathen has made Yoga Girl a household name in her community.


Amanda Bisk – @amandabisk

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Amanda Bisk is an Australian yoga instructor that has the kind of online presence that just makes you want to hang out with her.  Equal parts yoga, fun, and food-porn, her Instagram is not only about how to improve your practice, but also how to get motivated to improve yourself.  The progress shots and success stories from her clients really bring the message home and her meals will give you all of the ideas.

Dee Moi – @deemoi

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Dee Moi is one of those people that makes you sit back and reevaluate your priorities.  Though her Instagram is very heavy on the yoga , she is also a jewelry designer, avid cyclist, teacher, model, mother, and breast cancer survivor.  Her inspiring attitude promotes a life of love and balance free from the constraints of a material world, achieved by a unique pairing of her story with images of her life and practice.


Valerie Sagun – @biggalyoga

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Valerie from Big Gal Yoga is a yogi that is definitely changing how we look at the yoga world.  Valerie uses her own life experiences and yoga practice to promote body positivity and self-love.  Loving the skin you’re in is what Valerie is all about and she goes to great ends to ensure that you know that, if you’re interested in yoga, you can excel at it regardless of your size.


Briohny & Dice Lida-Klein – @bryceyoga

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Briohny & Dice Lida-Klein are one of the cutest couples I have ever seen.  They claim to have met mid handstand and when you see them in action and you won’t even question it.  They have an undeniable chemistry both in and out of the yoga studio which makes their Instagram particularly fun to peruse.  Briohny and Dice may have started their yoga journeys separately, but now they’re on one together, teaching workshops and hosting retreats all over the world.  Their love and dedication to their practice show how they’re constantly challenging both each other and their fans.


Carson Clay Calhoun – @carsonclaycalhoun

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Carson Clay Calhoun is the kinda guy that seems like he might be just as happy chopping down trees as he does handstands.  Beardedness aside, Carson is a talented yogi and a genuinely nice guy.  His Instagram is full of all kinds of guest spots and collaborations with tons of other Yogis that exist in his sphere, it really gives you the feeling that you’ve been invited to this party, and a fun one at that.


Stephanie Birch – @stephynow

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If you’re looking for an Instagram that will give you your yoga fix combined with coffee anecdotes and great personal photography then Stephanie Birch might be your girl.  Stephanie is one of those real life people that Instagram seems to be lacking.  Her honest approach to interacting with her surroundings as well as her fans is a refreshing departure from the world of contrived Instagram personalities.


Time to get to it.

Yoga is a personal experience, it's about how you connect with your practice day to day and how you let it infiltrate other aspects of your life.  You'll never become a zen master by staring at your phone, that's a fact.... BUT adding a bit of these yogis into your daily Insta-stalking can provide you with ideas to help you take your practice to the next level in a way that promotes care, community, and confidence.  Enjoy!

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