13 Life Lessons Elephants Have Taught Us

13 Life Lessons Elephants Have Taught Us

by Andrea Cordova on

Elephants are amazing for a TON of reasons (get it...cause...they weigh a ton). If you pay close attention, there's a lot that elephants can teach us about life. Here's a list of 13 life lessons we learned from elephants!


Bet you can't beat an elephant in a drinking contest. A full grown Ellie needs 50 gallons (about 190L) of water a day! 

2. Naps are necessary. Tell your professor we said so.

baby and mama elephant take a nap

Wild elephants have been observed taking naps for 40 minutes at a time! Living proof that sneaking in that cat nap is totally #WorthIt

3. Snacking is essential to growing big and strong!

elephant herd eating a snack

Elephants need to eat about 350lbs (160kg) of food daily. In order to do so, they spend nearly 80% of their day eating. Sounds like a DREAM COME TRUE to us!

4. Best friends come in all shapes and sizes!

Elephant and dog - the unusual best friends!

No one knows why for sure, but Tarra the elephant bonded with Bella the dog upon her arrival to a sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN. The two are completely inseparable!

5. Take the time to have some fun!

Elephants love to play! Toys, mud-baths, gossiping, wrestling, and swimming are all ways Ellie kills time. What do you like to do for fun?

6. Take care of yourself, and your skin!

baby elephant bathing in the mud

Mud isn't just an expensive spa treatment, it's a natural sunscreen! Well...for elephants it is. Not only does it protect them from the harsh sunlight in Africa and Asia, but it also keeps them nice and cool in the unbearable heat!

7. #SquadGoals should include having each other's backs.

elephant herd saves baby ellie from drowning

Elephants rarely travel alone. Even male elephants will travel around in "bachelor herds". That means that someone is always there to catch you when you fall, literally.

8. When you don't know what to do, mom really does know best!

mama elephant helping baby elephant

Elephants learn about what plants are safe to eat and which aren't from their mothers! That's not all. Believe it or not, calves will follow their mothers' social interactions to find out who their relatives, friends, and enemies are. Talk about influence!

9. Touch is a powerful love language. Use it well!

Elephants are very tactile in nature. They use several different forms of touch with one another in all kinds of ways: playful, parental, exploratory, and yes, even for sexy-time 😉

10. Family will always be there for you!

elephant herd showing their love for the baby

Elephant families work together very closely for defense, resources, taking care of the little ones, and overall decision making. They look out for each other and do what's best for the whole herd!

11. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again!

elephant triumphantly climbs over a big log

Elephants are known as one of the most persistent animals on the planet. They migrate hundreds of miles each year, in blistering heat and little to no water in hopes of reaching a river eventually. Never give up!


12. When you really love someone, never EVER let them go.


Members of an elephant herd show loyalty, sympathy, and an extreme sense of teamwork. Females will stay together for LIFE!

13. If we were more like elephants, the world would be a WAAAAAY better place!

 We can all agree that elephants are pretty amazing! We can definitely take some notes on choosing love over hate. #GirlLove


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