5 Crucial Things to Research Before Traveling

5 Crucial Things to Research Before Traveling

by Candace Osmond on

Travelling is a pleasure we should all indulge in. It broadens our horizons, expands our minds and connects people in a global way. We should definitely know the world in which we live in. It doesn’t matter if it’s an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico or a month long backpacking trip across Europe, the same rules apply; research your destination before stepping foot on that plane. Being prepared will help you avoid disasters and help you enjoy the trip so much more.

1) Weather

Going on a vacation? Better pack a bathing suit and some flip flops then, right? Wrong. What if your destination has frequent rain storms or it’s known for being windy five out of seven days? Knowing the local weather for the time of year you’re headed there can save you from getting stuck in a tropical storm with short shorts and a tank top on. Pack for all contingencies but definitely research the weather patterns for that time of year.

2) The Laws

There are things over here in North America that just would not be tolerated in other countries. Simple things, too. Stuff that you’d be very surprised to know are illegal. For instance, chewing gum is illegal in Singapore and has very high penalties. Who would have thought that chewing gum could ever be illegal?! Protect yourself and research the laws of your destination. Make sure you don’t get in any trouble, because apparently Mexican jail is not so nice.

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3) Where the Closest Medical Centre or Hospital Is

Believe it or not, more people get injured while on vacation than they do at home. You let loose, you’re more careless, and you embark on the occasional adventure. So, naturally, you may incur a few injuries. Be prepared. Know where the closest medical center is to your resort or hotel.

Take the precaution one step further and pack yourself a little first aid kit to toss in your luggage. Head to your drug store and purchased travel sized ointments, gauze, band aids, disinfectant, Tylenol, Advil, etc. and pack it all neatly in a first aid kit. Then, assemble a smaller version that you can carry with you when you’re venturing around.

4) Crime Rates

If you’re heading off to a foreign destination, then it’s a great idea to research the crime rates. What are the most common crimes in that area? Are you at risk? Should you take extra measures in regards to carrying around your money and such? This is all important stuff. You don’t want to get stranded in a foreign country with a stolen wallet and no passport.

5) Sorts of Deadly Animals/Critters

Allergic to little mosquito bites? Then you may have a slight reaction to a Costa Rican mosquitos. Likewise, for any other destination. Do your homework. Know what sort of potential dangers there are for deadly animals in that area. Australia is known for it’s hoard of crazy deadly animals and insects, for example. Don’t leave your windows open at night or you might wake up in bed with a bird eating spider. Yeah, that’s a thing.

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