55 Interesting Facts About Elephants That Will Make You Love Them Even More

55 Interesting Facts About Elephants That Will Make You Love Them Even More

by Emily Myint on

Elephants are some of the most loving creatures on this planet. Unfortunately, they have been suffering in recent years due to poachers and other people using them for entertainment and tourism. It is super important that we become more aware of these loving animals and learn more about them! Thankfully, it is now Elephant Awareness Month and this month is dedicated to helping people become more aware of the endangerment of elephants. Here are some amazing facts about elephants that will truly make you love them so much more!

1. Elephants have super long eyelashes and they can grow up to 5 inches in length! If there was elephant mascara, their eyelashes would definitely be #goals.

2. Their trunk serves several different purposes and can be used as a replacement for various body parts. It can be used as their nose, a hand, an extra foot, and even a signaling device. It can even be used as a tool for gathering food, dusting the floor, digging in the ground, and a lot more.

3. An elephant’s trunk weighs around 400 pounds and contains 16 different muscles!

4. Elephants are great swimmers -- they also use their trunk to breathe underwater like humans use snorkels!

5. Speaking of using their trunk in the water, their trunk can also hold 2.5 gallons of water at a time.

6. If you thought that elephants use their trunk to drink water, that is not true. They actually just fill their trunk with water and utilize it like a hose to pour the water into their mouth!

7. These thirsty animals can drink up to 50 gallons (200 liters) of water in one day!

8. Elephants can purr like cats as a way of communicating with one another. Imagine if elephants were related to cats! Crazy!!

9. The tusks of elephants continuously grow for their whole lives! These tusks can weigh up to a whopping 200 pounds.

10. Just like how humans are left or right-handed, elephants are left or right-tusked!

11. The national animal of Thailand is the elephant. (Also if you didn’t know, all of the Elephant Pants are manufactured in Thailand!)

12. The elephant is the only mammal in the whole world that cannot jump. So if you’ve seen cartoons where elephants are jumping, it is actually not possible for them!

13. When you look at an elephant, they may look like their skin is bare. In reality, they have hair covering their entire body!

14. Elephants are social animals who are always seen in large groups. They never stray far away from their families.

15. Each herd consists of 8-100 elephants!

16. Since they are so social, they are always talking to one another just like humans do.

17. Along with verbal communication, they also use smells to pick up information about other elephants and their environment.

18. Males are able to know when females are ready to mate simply from the chemical signs she leaves in her urine and feces!

19. Elephants are insanely smart and have been known to learn more than 60 different commands.

20. They are actually so smart that they are able to distinguish different languages. Elephants are able to separate people by race, ethnicity, age, and gender just by the sound of their voice.

21. With recent evidence, it is suggested that elephants may also be able to communicate through seismic waves that pass through the ground! They are able to feel these waves through their big feet.

22. You may not even know when elephants are communicating with one another because they can make sounds that humans are incapable of hearing.

23. Elephants are able to feel several different emotions. Many people have witnessed elephants showing empathy towards other elephants and even humans!

24. Speaking of their emotions, it has been proven that elephants think that humans are cute just like we think puppies are! In this cute video, this baby elephant plays with this girl and is looking for where her elephant trunk is!

25. A common phrase that people know about elephants is that “elephants never forget”. They are one of the smartest animals on the planet with brains that weigh up to 8-14 pounds!

26. Elephants typically have 26 teeth at any given time. Throughout their lives, elephants will have 6 sets of teeth that grow one after the other.

27. Elephants eat a lot of food throughout the day. On most days, they are eating almost as much as 4-7% of their overall body weight! When you realize that they can weigh up 13,000 pounds, that is a lot of food!

28. Their diet consists of only trees, grasses, herbs, and fruits since they are herbivores. Elephants have a very healthy diet.

29. Many times, the grasses that they eat do not digest properly and comes out in their dung. Because of this, there are animals like monkeys and beetles who actually eat elephant dung!

30. An elephant can deposit up to 150kg of dung per day!

31. Elephant dung actually makes the world’s most expensive cup of coffee. This coffee is a black ivory coffee from Thailand that sells for $50 a serving!

32. They are capable of running faster than one would expect. Elephants can easily run up to speeds up to 40 miles per hour which is a lot faster than humans can run!

33. The reason why elephants have such large ears is because they are used to cool them down in the hot African heat. The more their ears flap, the hotter the elephant is!

34. Another way that elephants cool down is by covering themselves in mud.

35. The mud is used as a sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun. They love to roll around and have dust baths to prevent themselves from getting sunburned!

36. Elephant reproduction is extremely important with the risks of elephants being endangered from poachers.

37. Typically, females are ready to reproduce and be a mom when they are 15-16 years old.

38. Throughout their lifetime, they can give birth to up to 12 calves! That’s a lot of baby elephants for one mom!

39. If you think carrying a human baby for 9 months is long, be thankful you’re not an elephant. The average gestation period for a female elephant is 22 months!

40. Baby elephants are extremely cute and are one of the smartest when talking about newborn animals.

41. When baby elephants are born, they usually weigh 200 pounds and will stand approximately 3 feet tall.

42. Baby elephants LOVE milk when they’re born and will drink up to 3 gallons of it every single day. They continue to drink their mom’s milk up until they are as old as 10!

43. For the first year of their lives, they are unable to control their trunk and learn how to do so from their moms and the other older elephants.

44. Elephants are known to be able to develop lifelong bonds and friendships with their other elephant friends.

45. They are highly sensitive and caring animals and elephants always make sure that everyone is taken care of.

46. Elephants will typically have the same friend group for their entire lives!

47. Since they can live up to 70 years in the wild, they crave socialization and good friendships.

48. They love to wrap their trunks around relatives to greet each other.

49. African elephants are the largest land mammals alive today. The largest one ever recorded was a massive 24,000 pounds!

50. The average African elephant will stand to be 8.2 to 13 feet.

51. If you’re ever on a safari and see an elephant raise its trunk towards you, it is probably smelling you! They don’t have the greatest eyesight, but they do have an amazing sense of smell.

52. Not only is it fun for elephants to play in the water, but it also provides great health benefits for them as well. When they are in the water, it really helps them with their leg joints!

53. Even though elephant’s feet are huge, researchers have found that they actually stand on their toes! Elephants put way more pressure in the outer toes of their front feet compared to their heels.

54. If you ever have a problem identifying African elephants vs. Asian elephants, look at their ears. An African elephant’s ears are shaped like the continent of Africa!

55. Elephants have no real predators except for humans and this is why it is so crucial to save them.




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