78,564 Elephants in New York - A World Record

78,564 Elephants in New York - A World Record

by Cassidy Karpovage on

78,564 Elephants

So while the title of this article might be a bit hard to believe, you can totally believe that awareness of elephant poaching is on the rise, and there are 78,564 origami elephants on display at the Bronx Zoo to prove it. That’s right. 78,564 origami elephants!

People from across the United States and the world teamed up with the Wildlife Conservation Society, and together, created this beautiful display of solidarity with elephants, breaking the world record.

This fun and interesting display of was born from a very simple need.  A need for clarity, understanding, and awareness about the ivory trade.  The issues surrounding the ivory trade might seem simple and easy to understand but the problems are complex and wide spread.  Worst of all, they are often overlooked as the issue tends to be very far removed from most of our lives.

96 Elephants a Day

96 elephants are killed every day in Africa as a result of poaching and the ivory industry. The Wildlife Conservation Society has given a voice to these elephants by creating the 96 Elephants campaign. Their mission is to raise awareness and put an end to the demand for ivory, and the origami display at the Bronx Zoo has amplified the solidarity with elephants worldwide.

However, the effort cannot stop here. There are still 96 elephants in Africa, every day, who need our help.

Despite a ban on the international ivory trade and decades of legislation making elephant poaching illegal, the ivory industry still thrives in some places around the world. After all, nearly 100 elephants are brutally killed every day for their tusks.

The Fight Against Ivory-Driven Poaching

96 Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Society stand with elephant conservationists, field researchers, and park rangers who are fighting to preserve elephant life and put an end to poaching. Donations made to 96 Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Society help fund field research so we can better understand how elephants thrive in their habitat. WCS also explores how poaching is destroying the existence of these beloved gentle giants.

The Wildlife Conservation Society has helped develop and carry out protection programs in several conservation reserves spanning across Africa. These programs support the park rangers who patrol these conservation reserves and protect the thousands of elephants living there.

But the vast sizes of these reserves make it difficult to catch all poachers, and sadly, the elephants thriving on the land are targeted every day.

Wildlife Conservation Society is fighting alongside park rangers, conservationists, scientists, and other elephant supporters out there on these conservation reserves. WCS is also in cooperation with the communities and governments surrounding these conservation reserves.


78,564 in Solidarity with Elephants

You, too, can stand against the ivory trade and elephant poaching by creating your own origami elephant or pledging your support to elephant conservation groups, like the Wildlife Conservation Society. Most importantly, educating yourself on the dangers elephants face every day is the first step in creating a better future for these majestic creatures.  

Thousands of these wonderful creatures are killed every year, and they’ll continue to face the brink of extinction if the ivory trade continues to be in place.

Educate yourself and stand up for the elephants of our world.

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