Channeling Your Inner Beach Goddess

Channeling Your Inner Beach Goddess

by Kelly Dunning on

Headed to the beach this summer? Keep these tips in mind if you want to look your best while frolicking in the waves.

Take Care of Your Skin

Yes, a sunny tan looks great, but having leathery and sun-damaged skin when you are in your 40’s isn’t worth it. As tempting as it may be to skip it, always wear sunscreen while you are at the beach. You’ll still get a sun-kissed glow, but it will be more gradual and without all the damage. For a deeper tan, you can always use a bronzing lotion to give your skin those warm tones in a much healthier way.

Also, the effects of saltwater on your skin can make it dry and irritated, so make sure that you rinse with clean water after swimming and apply moisturizer.

Beach Babe Hair

Between swimming, sweat, wind and humidity there’s no point trying to alter your hair’s natural texture. If you have wavy hair and you try to straighten, or straight hair and you try to curl, your efforts will be undone quickly by the elements. Your best strategy is to embrace your hair’s natural texture and work the look.

After you have been in the ocean, give your hair a good a rinse so that you can remove the salt and chlorine. A dry set of rollers can help give your hair some bounce and body without a lot of effort. You might also want to bring some hair oils or deep conditioner to calm down the frizz and keep it soft. Also, remember that the sun will damage your hair, too, so wear a sunhat while you are on the beach. A stylish one can really add to your aesthetic while keeping the bright sunlight out of your eyes. If you want to wear your hair up, a soft and loose braided up-do or a messy bun is a perfect look for the beach.

Beach Makeup

When it comes to wearing makeup at the beach, less really is more. You don’t want to wear a full face of product—it will quickly melt in the heat or get washed away by the water. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to go barefaced.

Start with a waterproof mascara that will stay in place even if you sweat or go swimming. Foundation isn’t worth it, as it will end up coming off, so your best bet is a lightweight, tinted moisturizer. Look for one with SPF so that it can protect you from the sun’s rays at the same time.

For your lips, avoid greasy and heavy lipsticks. A tinted lip balm is perfect - it will hydrate your lips and will give them a pretty, kissable shine. Once again, built in SPF is even better!

What to Wear

No matter what your body type, there is a cute outfit for you to wear on the beach. It’s all about accepting yourself and finding something that will highlight your assets.

For example, if you love your legs, but aren’t too confident about your tummy, you could wear a high cut, one-piece swimsuit with a control bodice that will give you an hourglass shape and show off your long legs.

If you have a pear shaped body with curvier hips and thighs and a smaller top, look for a brightly patterned bikini top or a plunging neckline. This will draw the eye upward, and it can be paired with a simple plain-colored bottom that will minimize your hips.

Ladies with a large bust should look for swimsuit designs that offer them the support that they need, such as moulded or underwire cups. Small chested women can wear triangle tops or ruffled bikini tops for the illusion of curves.

If you have an athletic body type, you can accentuate curves by looking for swimsuits with ruffles, bold prints and embellishments. A tie-side bikini bottom is will enhance your hips, and you can adjust it to your size.

Once you have found the perfect bikini for your body type, cover it with a light and flowy summer dress, elephant pants or sarong. Add a pair of sexy sandals and some shades, and you are ready to hit the beach looking like a total goddess.

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