Elephant Art to Warm Your Heart (And Home)

Elephant Art to Warm Your Heart (And Home)

by Emily Myint on

Having artwork in your home is always a great way to show your character and to make your living space really yours. If you love elephants (we definitely do), elephant art would be AMAZING to have in your collection. We hope you enjoy all of the artwork in this article that was created by our amazing followers! 

This painting of two elephants embracing each other in a cute and cuddly hug


This beautiful artwork that will definitely jazz up your room 


A simple, but amazing sketch with more colors than the rainbow


This reminder that YOU to make the world a better place! 


An amazing splatter painting that really shows you all of the details


This simple sketch with a meaningful message that will always let you know to ~keep going~


A watercolor painting that will make you appreciate all the gorgeous colors


This elephant sketch that makes us OBSESSED with pastels


This drawing that really shows off the elephant's amazing trunk and tusks


This amazing drawing that incorporates the design of our pants into the background


A super cute elephant plush that would be perfect for your child's bedroom (or even your own)


This elephant drawing that has every type of design and color ever created 


This pretty drawing of one of the gods in Indian culture, Ganeshji


This artwork that has more intricate details the longer you look at it


A pen drawing that tells you how to live your life 


Finally, this bullet journal inspo that will constantly remind you how AWESOME you are


We hope all of these pieces of elephant artwork really warmed your heart! What kind of artwork do you think you can make? 


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