Ellie’s Got 90’s Fever in Our NEW Hammer Pants

Ellie’s Got 90’s Fever in Our NEW Hammer Pants

by Aaron Reese on

90s babies rejoice! Inspired by gold chains, classic hip hop and the spirit of Ellie, our new Hammer Pants just dropped! To help celebrate our new found swag, Ellie teamed up with a crew of dancers that are… Too Legit To Quit to show us how to Hammer Time. If you’re familiar with The Elephant Pants, you may be wondering how the Hammer Pants are different from our standard Elephant Pants. Well, I’m glad you asked!

The Hammer Pants:

  • are Swaggier
  • have an extended drop crotch
  • have enough room to bust a move
  • are instant confidant boosters

Check out our Hammer Pants collection here!

We’re also happy to announce the  launch our NEW blog, Ellie’s Digest AND our new YouTube channel! You know what that me We’ll talk about everything from “How friggin cute Elephants are” to “OMG Yoga is amazing!” and furthermore our journeys with our Pham.  So please, share, comment and subscribe on both of our new channels.

Trunks up



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