In Case You Missed It : The Elephant Pants On Shark Tank

In Case You Missed It : The Elephant Pants On Shark Tank

by Jono Melamed on

Just in case you didn't catch us on ABC's Shark Tank, here's the scoop:

Our Founders Nathan and James waltzed onto the set with our mascot Ellie in tow... You should've seen the look on the Sharks' Faces. Nobody knew what to make of them, rolling in there watching matching elephant costumes. Then they laid down the pitch: Saving elephants by giving them pants to wear...


Wait... What?

The jig was up. After taking a moment to drop the costumes, revealing their matching kimono-harem pants sets, the duo presented the sharks with what we at The Elephants Actually do.  


They may or may not have thrown in an MC Hammer dance to sweeten the pot.


The Sharks seemed a bit hesitant until they were presented some numbers that showed them just how much you guys LOVE our pants, and then honestly couldn't believe what they were hearing. 

This perked them up a bit and the Sharks Started to Bite.



Kevin O'Leary was the first to take a bite, citing his memories of living in Southeast Asia as a child and his own personal Harem Pants collection. Daymond John quickly joined in with a counter offer that was more in line with what the TEP team was after. Lori Greiner jumped in offering to go in with one of the Sharks if they would have her and O'Leary took her up on that offer. O'Leary and Greiner came at the TEP team with a very enticing offer but it was becoming obvious that Daymond's tenacity coupled with his experience in the Apparel industry was the path to take, causing O'Leary and Greiner to drop out of the running.

After a bit of back and forth and hammer dance or two, Daymond came out on top after offering $500,000 for a 15% stake in The Elephant Pants along with 2.5% advisory shares.


And just like that, the deal was struck... BUT it gets better.

The Elephant Pants didn't just make a deal on Shark Tank, we made THE deal of a lifetime... Daymond's investment in The Elephant Pants was the 100 millionth dollar invested by The Sharks, a milestone that Shark Tank has been working towards for 8 years.

We're so very grateful to Shark Tank for fueling this part of our Journey and couldn't be more excited to be working with Daymond and his team.


Shop what Nathan and James were wearing :


Check out the full episode HERE 

Jono Melamed


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