OOTD Style: Channeling Your Inner Festival Fairy

OOTD Style: Channeling Your Inner Festival Fairy

by Aaron Reese on

Sun-soaked weather, vibrant colors, music and an endless wanderlust for the outdoors can only mean one thing: Festival Season!

With Coachella, Bonnaroo and plenty of other festivals on the horizon, you may not have the luxury of shopping for festival looks, but fear not as Ellie’s got ya covered! You know us for the coziest pants on the planet, but we’ve been diligently working on a new collection including Kimonos, new shirts, redesigned shorts and fun tapestries! But before we hand you the keys to festival look kingdom, let’s break down a few looks to ensure you look like the radiant goddess you were meant to be.
The Kimono – Our Kimono’s are vibrant in pattern, so the first thing necessary is to choose a few muted foundation pieces. In this look, you’ll notice the shorts are stone washed for subtlety. We then paired the Mona-printed Kimono with a salmon-colored bandeau for a nice punch of color. And of course, a flower crown never hurts. Because, Lana Del Rey… Duh!

Shop Kimonos Here.

The Shorts –  Our new and improved Surapa shorts are perfect as the pattern lends itself for easy matching. But as this is festival season, it’s best to pair with something bright, like this bright yellow sleeveless blouse. Now if flower crowns aren’t your thing, opt for a wide-brimmed hat! The more neutral the color, the better!

Shop Shorts Here.

The Shirts – These shirts do the work for you, Pair them with a high wasted pant (for ultimate torso exposure) or a printed short keep your whimsy in balance. The crop tops come in neutral tones to take the complication our of matching.

Shop Shirts Here.

Ellie’s Secret Tip: try to avoid accessory overkill. You’re meant to be a vibrant, faerie, mermaid during the season, too many jewels can overpower the look!
And voila! You’ve got a few examples of how to channel your inner festival fairy for the upcoming season. Have any suggestions or styles to add? Feel free to comment below with suggestions.

Shop The Festival Collection Here

Happy Festival Season!
– Ellie


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