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#PreserveTheHerd : Help Us Plant Some Trees This Earth Day!

#PreserveTheHerd : Help Us Plant Some Trees This Earth Day!

by Jono Melamed on

Earth Day (April 22nd) is almost here with Arbor Day (April 28th) trailing not too far behind and we're super excited to initiate the 2nd part of our #preservetheherd campaign!

On both of these holidays we will be showing our appreciation for the Earth that we all share by planting a tree for every order placed.  With Habitat Loss & Fragmentation being the #1 threat to ALL wild elephants, every single tree counts!

We'll be planting these trees with the help of our friends over at The Earth Day Network via the The Canopy Project, their reforestation initiative.  The Canopy Project has already planted millions of trees on 6 continents and, with a little bit of help, they hope to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020.  Yes, you read that correctly... Almost 8 million trees.

Trees are crucial in the fight to prevent global warming. By removing CO2 and similar air pollutants, trees naturally act as filters for the air that we all breathe and, let's face it, breathing is pretty great. This is why we need MORE!  With carbon emissions hitting an all time high back in 2013, there has never been a greater need for reforestation.

This is why we're asking for your help.  When it comes to planting trees, every little bit helps. As mentioned, we'll be planting a tree for every order placed on Earth Day and Arbor Day but you can always donate directly to The Canopy Project if you'd like to get involved.  It only costs $1 to plant a tree and, if you ask me, that's a pretty great deal to help the environment. 

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