Why You Need Crystals in Your Life

Why You Need Crystals in Your Life

by Bri Luczak on

By Bri Luczak

The magic of crystals can’t be fully articulated. They create a deep connection, like when you look into a lover’s eyes or see a shooting star flash across the sky.

Crystals are gifts from the earth. They embody every type of beauty; each individual crystal holds a radiating energy that you can feel by just holding it in your hand.

Crystals don’t discriminate. They don’t argue. They don’t hurt you. They simply radiate their unique energies and brilliant colors for all to enamor.

As a child, I was naturally attracted to the outdoors and all that nature had to offer. I collected any little shell, rock or whatever I could find on my outings to feel connected to the earth and her treasures. I would later rekindle this love for crystals and make them the center of my life.

Following traditional advice, I went with the “conventional route”: I received a bachelor’s degree in Human Development from the University of California, San Diego. I’ve never regretted learning about humanity— I now see that healing and growing can be done in a multitude of ways. We aren’t limited in the way we heal, and that includes crystals.

Each crystal has a unique energy based on its mineral makeup, formation, color, and many other factors, all of which work with your own energy. For example, Lepidolite is a beautiful mineral with a soothing lilac color that naturally contains Lithium, which is traditionally prescribed by doctors to treat anxiety and depression.

When I hold a piece of Lepidolite I immediately feel a calming energy come over me. I like to put it on my chest and practice breathing slowly, while thinking of peaceful thoughts. This way, the crystal becomes a symbol of resilience, positivity, and healing.

When I choose crystals for the shop, I put my love and positive intentions into each one that I select. With my business license I am able to go to enormous warehouses and choose from a plethora of crystals. It can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, the energy in there is really intense!

I definitely have to be mentally and physically prepared to spend the entire day in a crystal warehouse. Crystals have a way of calling out and coming into our lives. I’m confident that the crystals I get for our shop, Rocks for the Spirit, are making the way to their rightful owners with whom they were meant to be.

I believe crystals come and go in our lives as needed. If I ever lose or give a crystal away, I trust that it is for a destined reason that is completely meant to be. People connect with crystals for a purpose and I am overjoyed to unites people with these treasures that were intended for just them.

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