The Elephants Pants Will Be On Shark Tank 2/24/17!!!!!!!

The Elephants Pants Will Be On Shark Tank 2/24/17!!!!!!!

by Jono Melamed on

Your favorite elephant saving clothing brand, The Elephant Pants will be appearing on an episode of ABC's Shark Tank on Friday, February 24th. The episode will center around Millenial Entrepreneurs and one of the companies featured will be the $100 millionth dollar invested on Shark Tank. 

The Elephant Pants has built a brand around Saving Elephants and Feeling Good, by using their incredibly comfortable line of pants as a vehicle to drive awareness for the cause.

Founders Nathan Coleman and James Brooks began selling the pants after a trip to Thailand where they learned first hand just how dire the situation is for elephants living in an increasingly human world. Since opening its doors in 2014, The Elephant Pants has donated over $120,000 towards creating a sustainable future where elephants thrive.

"After 2 years of hard work and honest hustle, we couldn't be more excited to share our story with the world and are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring light to the problems that elephants face." Says Coleman.

"We never thought things would scale as fast as they have and that's a serious testament to our customers. The community that has sprung up to help us advocate for the elephants has been really incredible." added Brooks.

Through carefully curated campaigns and strategic partnerships with various elephant saving organizations, The Elephant Pants hopes to help even more elephants in 2017. Their primary partnership with The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) has allowed them to focus on some more specific problems that elephants face.  

With programs like The Sumatran Conservation Response Units and The EEHV Viral Genomics and Pathogenesis Project, IEF has feet on the ground tackling every angle of the elephants' situation.  You can find out more about the various IEF programs that The Elephant Pants donates to here.

Regardless of how things go on Shark Tank, 2017 is going to be a big year for The Elephant Pants. Expect plenty of new products and new opportunities to join in the fight to save elephants.

Tune in Friday, February 24th to see what happens when elephants run into some sharks. The Episode will air at 9 pm EST/PST and 8 pm MST on ABC.


Jono Melamed


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  • When I saw the episode, I wasn’t convinced. Like the sharks, I was shocked to find your sales so incredibly high! After the episode aired, I saw a Facebook ad for the pants and figured I check what the fuss was about. You guys should have had women come in with you! The clothing you have for women is beautiful, and I probably would have bought it as soon as the episode finished had I seen more of that. Started a skeptic, but $100 later ($10 going to elephants!) I’ll probably be a repeat buyer. Love that there is a cause with these beautiful pieces of clothing.

    Maggie on

  • I love Elephant Pants and what they are doing to spread awareness and help the elephants. Looking forward to the episode on Shark Tank!

    Levanie Wintermute on

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