The Elephant Pants x Stelari: Wearing Clothes with Purpose

The Elephant Pants x Stelari: Wearing Clothes with Purpose

by Julianne McAdams on

We make resolutions all the time. Eat healthier. Exercise more. Don’t sweat the small things. Whether it’s for New Year’s, or a part of a new diet plan, or just something we’ve decided we need to work on, people are constantly trying to be better.

Stelari operates on the philosophy that you can choose to make these resolutions and actually carry them out every day. Stelari’s clothing allows you to literally “wear your intention,” according to Stelari’s marketing director, Sara Snyder. You can wear those resolutions, and by choosing what you put on your body, you’re taking one step further towards empowering yourself and achieving those goals.

So how does this work? One example is Stelari’s free-flow yoga tank top line. They exhibit patterns that reflect something deeper than what meets the eye. “They’re very intentional prints with intentional mantras,” says Sara.

For example, the top titled “No Boundaries” shows a series of curvy lines which look like terrain, representing the spirit of boundlessness. Sara says it is about thinking, “I am limitless. Love is limitless.” “It’s Complicated” sports a labyrinth design, which is meant to convey the way life can be a maze. On the days when relationships are straining and things get confused, Stelari customers can use this top as an outlet for that stress. The “Rhythm Maker” design has a snake hidden in it, with the snake representing letting go, like the shedding of a skin.  “We want [the prints] to be the promise you make to yourself,” Sara says.

When asked what the main goal for the brand is, Stelari’s founder, Kim Roach, says, “To grow a community that helps others achieve their goals. To inspire and empower women to share their story and live an intention-based life." In that way, and by giving women an opportunity to display their resolutions with what they put on their body, Stelari’s products allow you to wear a confidence boost. The products call attention to a sense of consciousness about the choices we make, even in something as seemingly insignificant as the outfits we choose.

If anything, Stelari’s products are about connection: to a higher purpose, to a goal, to a cause. The material is eco chic, made from recycled materials, and the brand supports a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. That’s why The Elephant Pants (TEP) has teamed with Stelari to do a planet-friendly giveaway over Instagram.

The #DoGood giveaway goes live July 12 and runs until July 14. As a part of the launch of The Elephant Pants’ new yoga collection, the prize will be bundles with pants from TEP and tops from Stelari.

Stelari’s slogan is “Find Your Rhythm.” Sara explained that this idea connected to Stelari’s origin story. While she was a stay-at-home mom, Kim Roach founded the company after she noticed that her creativity was inspired when she was running or doing yoga. Part of the inspiration for Stelari was Kim’s desire to facilitate this discovery in other women, or, the discovery of “rhythm.” As Sara puts it, “Where do you find the most peace? […]  It could be reading, writing, painting […] it’s just wherever your zone is.”

Founder Kim Roach

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