Yoga Pants the New Denim? - A Back to School Essential

Yoga Pants the New Denim? - A Back to School Essential

by Leanna Holguin on

Since the 1960's, students have been pushing for more comfortable and publicly acceptable clothing. In the 1980's it was tees and jeans. Fast forward to today, and students have started showing up in sweatpants and even pajamas. This is why our new Yoga Pants are aimed to provide the perfect style and comfort!

Our pants are made with a Rayon-Spandex knit blend fabric, which means that
they're soft, wrinkle resistant, and stretchy.
SOFT- So you were up all night finishing a paper but have class in the AM. Don't worry... we won't tell anyone that you slept in those pants and wore them to class.
WRINKLE RESISTANT - Because we all know you're too busy and stressed to worry about having to iron. Or even own an iron.
STRETCHY - So you're trying to climb up your loft bed. Or you're trying some new yoga poses on the school quad.... we got you.
    Meanwhile, we wanted you to have the trendiest yoga pants. Which is why the Two Toned Design and Statement Pockets allow these to be not only a wardrobe essential, but a fasionista must have!

    In addition to burgundy, our new yoga pants also come in plum, grey, olive, white pattern, and a classic plum.
    I'll leave you with this last fun fact pham: in 2017 elastic knit pant imports exceeded denim imports for the first time EVER (US Census Bureau).
    Inflexible Denim is out, and Comfy yoga pants are d-elephantly in.

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