Your Summer Guide to Sarongs

Your Summer Guide to Sarongs

by Julianne McAdams on

By: Julianne McAdams
Sarongs and the beach go hand in hand. But what actually is a sarong? The word “sarong” comes from the Malay word for “covering” or “sheath” and is a traditional garment worn by men and women in Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands, among other regions.
For our purposes, though, it’s that skirt thing you see in movies with island settings. You can’t tell from the final product, but it’s actually just a rectangular piece of fabric.
How do you actually put one on? The best part about sarongs is they can be styled in several ways, depending on where you tie the corners.
Here are five fun ways to fasten your sarong so you can wear your bohemian beach look in the hot months to come: 
Side-Swept Skirt
This is the classic sarong style to sport on the way to the beach or on the days you need to channel those island vibes. Wrap the sarong around your waist and bring the two top corners together. Pull each corner through the fastener and tie in a knot.
Same steps as above, but fasten the sarong in the front by your belly button.
You can also go for a shorter skirt by folding the fabric in half, down the longer length, before wrapping it around your waist!
Halter Dress
Hold the sarong behind you and bring the two corners under your arms to the front. Bring the pieces across opposite sides of your shoulders. Then, put the tips of the fabric through the fastener and tie the knot around your neck. The halter style is a classy cover up solution for that post-beach dinner.
Strapless Dress

Wrap the sarong around yourself and bring the corners together in the front with the faster. The classic strapless look is always flattering.
For fighting off that beach breeze, you can wrap your sarong around your shoulders and Voilà, it’s a shawl.
Sarongs aren’t just a summer wardrobe staple; there are more reasons why a sarong is a must-have for your beach bag.
For instance, a sarong could be your bag! If you put a few things (that beach read, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.) in the middle of the fabric when it’s laid flat and then bring the four corners up and together, you can tie them up to make a cute bag!
Wearing a sarong to the beach can lighten your load in other ways, too. Once you take it off to hit the water or lay out and tan, the fabric doubles as a beach throw. For the times you just want to rest on the sand and catch some rays, a sarong is a soft and convenient alternative to a bulky towel.


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