Our Story

It all started when we went to an elephant sanctuary in 2013 as tourists. We found that elephants at this sanctuary were beaten and tied to trees. In that moment, we knew that there is something that we can do to help improve the living conditions of elephants. From there on, we decided to sell pants and donate a portion of the proceeds to saving elephants.

Before our story began the three founders had never met. We were going along our parallel lives. It was the merger of our experience and expertise that built this brand. This is our story.  

Our products are hand-made by fixed workers at our warehouse in Thailand under the fair trade policy. We also have volunteers coming in and out according to their busy schedules to assist us.

Meet our Team

  • Daymond John

    Daymon John is the owner of Fubu and many other companies he has partnered with the elephant pants on shark tank. And is helping grow the company and give back.

  • Nathan Coleman

    Nathan Coleman the founder of elephant pants had come up with the idea to give comfort with a cause by donating a portion of profits

  • James Brooks

    James Brooks one of Nathan's best friends had helped him put the business together and is a shareholder in the company. He was also in charge of marketing