We couldn't possibly think of anything cuter!

We have partnered with Tusk USA and Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya to support their Elephant Baby Shower Campaign.
This virtual baby shower contributes to the rescue and rehabilitation of elephants orphaned due to poaching, disease and drought in Kenya.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 before the new year.

What does this mean for an elephant?

Why we need to help

Elephant calves are often orphaned when their mothers are killed by poachers or as a result of human-wildlife conflict. They're also abandoned after falling into wells or becoming too sick to keep up with the herd. Reteti rescues and rehabilitates these elephants so that they can be returned to their natural habitat.

How we're helping

We are donating $1 per item purchased directly to saving these baby ellies at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary.

Ways to donate
$1 per item purchased is directly donated the The Elephant Baby Shower!

Extra ways to donate

buys an elephant calf hay for 1 day as they transition off of formula to solid foods

Donate $3

provides a blanket to keep the elephant calves warm on cold nights

Donate $10

covers the cost of a tank of fuel for the Reteti elephant rescue trucks.

Donate $50