Our Mission

Save Elephants. Feel Good.

We can't do this alone.

Through strategic partnerships with organizations dedicated to making the world a better place for elephants, we make sure that a portion of every sale goes towards helping create a sustainable future where elephants thrive. By aligning ourselves with both global and localized grassroots operations, we aim to make a difference for elephants everywhere. While every elephant herd faces its own unique challenges, the tactics needed to overcome them all have one thing in common : humans working together. With partners on the ground wherever there are elephants, we aim to use our products and the lifestyle they inspire as a vehicle for real change.

Meet Our Current Partner

Our Current Elephant Charity Partner: Space for Giants

Space for Giants protects Africa’s elephants from immediate threats like poaching while working to secure their habitats forever in landscapes facing greatly-increasing pressures.

Where They Help

Map of World, highlighting Africa
Space for Giants Helps African Elephants

Their Approach

Wildlife Protection and Justice

Building and sustaining forces on the ground, and the judicial capacity, that are both needed to provide a significant and lasting deterrent against poaching

Securing Habitat

Supporting innovative approaches to land tenure and management that secure and maintain priority landscapes critical for the survival of elephants, while creating economic and social benefits for local communities

Minimising Costs of Living With Wildlife

Providing technical solutions to reduce frictions and conflict between elephants and expanding human populations in fast-developing economies

Connecting People With Nature

Telling new audiences stories of the threats to elephants and of conservation successes, including by providing extraordinary experiences connecting the global community with wild animals and their landscapes

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Partners in Change

The amazing elephant-saving organizations that we've donated to...