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Our Mission

Thanks to you, $121, 545 has been donated to charitable organizations dedicated to saving elephants

In 2014, The Elephant Pants embarked on a mission to help save elephants - and feel good while doing it.

Our Story

In 2014, two friends found themselves looking up at an elephant and something clicked. Standing there, staring up at the gentle giant, they realized just how special elephants were. They understood why elephants had been revered for thousands of years and why so many people traveled far and wide to see them. They also became aware of the dangers of being such a special animal and learned about the consequences of human-elephant conflict. After Traveling home, wearing the pants that had become such a staple during their trip, they found themselves troubled. Something had to be done. The Elephants had to be saved. So they embarked on a journey to help save elephants and feel damn good about it one pair of pants at a time.