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In 2014, The Elephant Pants embarked on a mission to help save elephants and feel damn good while doing it.

From 2010 to 2012 alone, an estimated 100,000 elephants were killed illegally for ivory. That's essentially 1 elephant loss every 15 mins - a 50% decline in population in the past 35 years. If we don't help them, they may soon be gone forever.


As a corporate sponsor of the African Wildlife Foundation, The Elephant Pants donates a portion of every sale to help prevent elephant poaching.

Our donations to AWF aid in:

  • Helping educate the populous about the effects of the Ivory Trade
  • Supplying Park Rangers with proper supplies and adequate training for tracking animals and apprehending poachers.
  • Paying African Land Owners to keep their land open to wildlife instead of selling to developers.


On the Samburu National Reserve, the AWF constructed new headquarters and staff housing for the wardens and rangers, and provided park staff with a radio communication network. These reserves are an essential piece in protecting the elephants.

"Before we had new houses our families struggled. We were not happy and spirit was low. We spent much of our time fetching water, fixing leaks, doing repairs ourselves when we could have been patrolling the park, doing our job."

- Mr. Abdi Boru, Senior Warden at Samburu National Reserve


For the Ranger Program, our donations are critical in helping them protect the elephants.

Ranger responsibilities include...

  1. Collecting field data on wildlife and human activities
  2. Apprehending and arresting poachers and hunters
  3. Seizing weapons, poached ivory, and animals killed for sale in local markets
  4. Destroying hunting camps and collecting snares that are used to trap wildlife

The biggest challenges for Rangers...

  1. Lack of essential field equipment and supplies
  2. Insufficient training to thwart aggressive, well-armed poachers
  3. Threat of coming upon poachers or dangerous wildlife
  4. Physical discomfort from climate, challenging terrain, and overnight patrols


What about the people behind our products? We have an amazing team of talented seamstresses and production gurus at our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our team is paid double the standard wage, provided with health care, and given a great environment to work in. We ensure that each member of the team understands where their hard work goes, from their hands to your next favorite article of clothing.

From all of us at The Elephant Pants, we sincerely thank you for your support. Together we can help save the elephants!