Our Mission

Save Elephants. Feel Good.

Never before has such a motley assortment of weirdos come together for such a noble purpose but hey, elephants have that effect on some people. We're the team behind The Elephant Pants, helping you Save Elephants and Feel Good one leg (or paw) at a time.

Nathan Coleman

CEO & CMO // Has become an expert in building a strategic plan completely based on cat videos. Nathan learned way too much about deodorant while working at Unilever with Dave, though still doesn't trust it. He learned how to tell people about stuff while at RIT with James and has since decided that telling people about elephants is what he needs to be doing.

Eva Sadok

Operations Manager // Eva Sadok works as the Operations Manager at TEP. She grew up in San Diego and graduated from Cal State University San Marcos. Eventually, she left to pursue other opportunities in Chicago and later in New York. She is an avid Chicago sports fan! Eva enjoys traveling, outdoor activities and spending time with her 3 year old daughter.

Kate Westerhout

Brand Manager // A born and raised Southern California gal who attended the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Marketing. She loves getting lost in spreadsheets, doing cartwheels on the beach and playing with her dog, Karlie Kloss the Dog. She joined The Elephant Pants team in the Summer of 2018 and is passionate about saving all animals, starting with elephants (and dogs).

Andrea Cordova

Assistant Brand Manager // A true nerd with toys covering her desk with a real passion for content management. Despite allergies to literally everything, snuggling with dogs every single day is necessary. Nothing like a healthy dosing of antihistamines with your morning hot chocolate.

Karlie Kloss The Dog

Moral Manager // Karlie Kloss is a sweet Australian Shepherd mix adopted from an animal shelter in Sun Valley, ID by Kate. Some of her hobbies include dragging her back feet, staring at the office fish, sleeping and then some more sleeping.

Taco and Tessie

Taco // 4 year old Pomeranian. Don't let this cute fluffy dog fool you. She knows her power to disarm and will steal your lunch. Taco got her start in Brooklyn, NY and still continues to live and work with her humans (and by work with we mean stare at them until they fork over the snacks).
Tessie // 10 year old lab-terrier mix. Works hard napping and protecting the office from delivery drivers. Tessie has had a variety of experience from Real Estate, Wedding Entertainment, and Occasional Accounting. She is looking forward to retirement so she can finally relax and play all the golf she wants.