Our Mission

Thanks to you, $138,170 has been donated to charitable organizations dedicated to saving elephants

Never before has such a motley assortment of weirdos come together for such a noble purpose but hey, elephants have that effect on some people. We're the team behind The Elephant Pants, helping you Save Elephants and Feel Good one leg at a time.


CEO & CMO // Has become an expert in building a strategic plan completely based on cat videos. Nathan learned way too much about deodorant while working at Unilever with Dave, though still doesn't trust it. He learned how to tell people about stuff while at RIT with James and has since decided that telling people about elephants is what he needs to be doing.


CFO // Boats and Numbers? Seems like a solid mix... When James was not learning how to navigate the high seas, he managed to learn some basic math skills at RIT where he met Nathan and the bromance blossomed. Now he's trying to find a way to combine his 2 passions and use his boat to save some elephants. Little known fact : It's very hard to get an elephant on a sail boat.


CTO // Prefers the ambiance of a dimly lit room or the quiet DJ booth of a nightclub but has adjusted swimmingly to bright windows and (sparse) conversation. Mike plans on naming his first child Shopify but might be willing to settle for Hansel (so hot right now). At some point in the next 5 years you'll probably find him on a beach in South East Asia trying to find new ways to make The Elephant Pants “swaggy”.


COO // His love of spreadsheets will impress and horrify you (in the best kind of way). Dave honed his excel expertise within the consumer goods industry; Unilever, Stryer, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer can all be blamed for turning him into a spreadsheet MACHINE. DO NOT ASK HIM ABOUT JURASSIC PARK (but feel free to tell him all about it). Dave also moonlights as a Volunteer Firefighter and thinks you should support animal rescue organizations because they're pretty great.


Customer Service // Personally responsible for all of the good vibes that happen to hang around in our office. Somewhere in between planning our birthday surprises and teaching us how to keep our plants alive, she can be found wandering the aisles of Trader Joe's in search of new ingredients to add to smoothies or lounging around Barnes & Nobles until they ask to leave so they can actually close the store. A true believer in the importance of family, she keeps the rest of the TEP herd in line with her unique combination of good will and contagious laughter.


Creative Director // Hates wearing shoes, making it very weird that he lives here in Brooklyn. After spending some time as a fashion photographer, Jono decided to try and use his creative chops to do some good which is when he found us. He’s really good at using obscure movie references to explain things that don’t require that much explanation and would pick good food and people over pretty much anything. We’re not really sure where he goes when he leaves the office but he seems to disappear often and always comes back dirty.


Graphic Design // Krista discovered her love for elephants when one ended up stealing her lunch while backpacking through Southeast Asia. When she isn’t making sure our website and graphics always look “pretty”, she’s moonlighting as a bartender and geeking out on craft beer. We’re pretty sure she hasn’t slept since 2013. If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia to go along with your day, Krista’s the person to go to for seemingly irrelevant (yet somehow always on point) 90’s pop-culture references.

Taco and Tessie

Taco // 4 year old Pomeranian. Don't let this cute fluffy dog fool you. She knows her power to disarm and will steal your lunch. Taco got her start in Brooklyn, NY and still continues to live and work with her humans (and by work with we mean stare at them until they fork over the snacks).
Tessie // 10 year old lab-terrier mix. Works hard napping and protecting the office from delivery drivers. Tessie has had a variety of experience from Real Estate, Wedding Entertainment, and Occasional Accounting. She is looking forward to retirement so she can finally relax and play all the golf she wants.