If this is your first time here, please make an account by clicking the big blue "Login" button below, then click "Go." Make your username the same as your Instagram handle (this is MANDATORY). If you already have an account, please DM one of the Matriarchs as soon as you possibly can to request a name change.

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For the best chat experience, we highly recommend downloading the Discord App on your computer or mobile device (available for iPhone and Android). We promise it's legit. Cross our hearts!


1. Do NOT engage in hate speech, instigation, or otherwise intentionally inflammatory behavior (pleading freedom of speech or claiming something is dark humor is not a means to bypass this rule). The breaking of this rule will lead to a total ban from the entire program.

2. Please don't spam. You will lose permission to speak for at least 30 minutes if you do. You have been warned! Continuous spamming of others and/or TEP Staff will result in a complete ban from the program

3. No graphic images. If you break this rule, you will receive one warning and lose chatting privileges for a day or more (depending on severity). Breaking this rule on more than one occassion will result in a complete ban from the program.

4. Your Username must always be your Instagram handle. If you need to make a name change request, alert one of the @Matriarchs in #q-and-a

5. You are subject to being warned and/or banned based on things such as your profile picture or username. If your name or profile picture is considered inflammatory, there's a high chance you will be banned.

6. Keep chat PG-13. Don't be nasty y'all. 3 warnings will be issued from TEP staff, continuous disregard will result in a chat ban.

7. Slurs are prohibited, regardless of whether or not you belong to the "group of people" that the slur is in reference to. This is both to help our moderators out with not banning the wrong people and to prevent people from claiming they are part of this group so that they can use the words anyway. Using any slur will result in an immediate program ban.

8. We do NOT allow disrespect towards staff members. Be aware that our team works hard and you are subject to being warned, muted, or even banned for breaking this rule, based on severity. This includes harassing a staff member in DMs. If you have an issue with anyone contact one of the @Matriarchs

Basically, DONT BE MEAN! Spread love and kindness and all that!


Commands are defined as "text inputs that deliver an automated response." These commands are created by The Elephant Pants staff and updated regularly. If you have any questions, please DM a Matriarch or Ellie Helper!

!redeem - instructions for how to redeem a reward
!points - link to check your points balance
!post - posting guidelines for Instagram
!event - currently running ambassador event details (posting guidelines, which hashtags to use, and voting page)
!download -get a link to downloading the Discord App
!instagram - get a link to The Elephant Pants on Instagram
!facebook - get a link to The Elephant Pants on Facebook
!twitter - get a link to The Elephant Pants on Twitter
!promos - list of any active sales and promotions on product
!code - get a link to the code request form