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A new range is in the making, This print has be the latest in thialand and we wil be one of the first to have them share your email to get notifyied


Workout pants - Tep

By Elephant Pants on Jun 14, 2022

How we help - Tep

By Elephant Pants on Jun 06, 2022

elephant pants shark tank - Tep

By Elephant Pants on Jun 06, 2022

Our newest collection is inspired by the lush landscapes of Cambodia.  Jungle greens, the deep blue of the ocean, and the rich clay dirt. 

The collection is a balance of elegance and grit, reflecting our mission of reminding the word of high fashion that mission matters.


We are currently bringing back the shorts it will be available soon if you would like to know when it arrives and get your pair first leave your email and we will notify you.

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