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Bada Bracelet Magenta

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  • This triple-wrap bracelet is a symbol of our collective effort to ensure that all elephants are free and never bound by chains or harmed in any other way.
  • Faux leather strap with magenta natural stone beads
  • Zinc elephant charm
  • 29-31 inch length
  • Adjustable toggle clasp
Bada is an adolescent African Elephant rescued by the Sheldrick Foundation in 2015. Also found on his own in the wilderness, Bada was relatively healthy, but without proper care would have inevitably become sick and possibly died. Bada is very fond of chewing on grewia branches.

Wash separately in cold or luke warm water, not hot water
Do not soak for long periods of time
Do not use Bleach or Chlorine

Lay flat to dry. Do not hang dry, colors could bleed
If drying outside, avoid direct sunlight
If wrinkled, iron on low to medium setting

Hint: To reduce any color running or shrinkage in garments, soak separately overnight in one tablespoon of salt and/or brown vinegar dissolved in hot water and then added to a basin of luke warm water"

To help save the elephants, we donate a portion of every item we sell to the African Wildlife Foundation's Rangers and Parks program. The donation goes to support these brave Rangers who put their lives on the line daily so that they receive adequate training, supplies and equipment.

What about the people behind our products? We have an amazing team of talented seamstresses and production gurus at our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our team is paid double the standard wage, provided with health care, and given a great environment to work in. We ensure that each member of the team understands where their hard work goes, from their hands to your next favorite article of clothing.

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