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Donation To IEF: Saving The Last Great Tuskers

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Many don’t think about the effect that poaching has on the genetics of the elephant population.  Seeing as poaching is practiced to illegally obtain ivory, the biggest targets and therefore most threatened elephants are males with large tusks.  Removing these breeding bulls from the also means removing them from the gene pool as it allows smaller tusked, or tusk-less males to breed more often.  Over time this can be devastating to the population as it could eventually lead to great tuskers being removed from the gene-pool permanently.  This program aims to establish a failsafe in the event that we lose the last of the great tuskers.  Using cryopreservation and artificial insemination, the great tuskers’ prized genes can be reintroduced into the wild in order to keep their blood lines alive and thriving.


Your donation goes to equipping the scientists and conservationists that are in the field making this all happen as well as to funding the research that makes it all possible.

Wash separately in cold or luke warm water
Do not use Bleach or Chlorine
Slight shrinkage is normal, please allow for this
Lay flat to dry. Do not hang dry, colors could bleed. Do not tumble dry.
If drying outside, avoid direct sunlight
If wrinkled, iron on low to medium setting

The Elephant Pants

The Elephant Pants

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